’15 Cadet
NEW COLOR: Now available in matte black
The Oxbridge is our joint signature frame designed by Verde’s Matt Priest
and Liam “Lima” Eltham. Built to shred skateparks, trails, and street.
Regent High Bars
No nonsense 9.25” rise bars built tough from straight gauge 100% high quality seamless tubing.
Regent Cranks
170mm 100% heat-treated 4130 chromoly tubular arms with a single pinch bolt design,
19mm chromoly spindle with 10 splines,
and a captured pedal boss.

TCU TV: Tony Neyer Interview

BLOGGED ON:Thursday, June 4th, 2015

TCU TV’s back at it again this week, this time getting the lowdown from Verde’s Tony Neyer. Tony explains what it was like coming up in Ohio (where we’re based), gives everyone the scoop on opening up Thee Block, talks about stacking clips for his upcoming signature frame promo, and more. Follow Tony @tonyneyer on Instagram to keep up to date and if you missed last week’s TCU TV interview with Biz, check it out here.

TCU TV: Ryan “Biz” Jordan Interview

BLOGGED ON:Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

The Come Up has posted up an awesome interview with Biz that you’ve got to check out. Biz knows his BMX history better than most and has accumulated a lot of good stories throughout his long career. All of us here at Verde go way back with Biz and we’re stoked to still be working with him 10+ years later. Enjoy. Biz rules.

Watch Now: Villa Road Is Here

BLOGGED ON:Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Villa Road is a new brand inspired by a crew of individuals (including Verde’s own Matt Priest) who all share the same passion for what they do everyday. Watch the video above and follow them on Instagram @villaroad for more.

Villa Road Trip To Malaga

BLOGGED ON:Friday, May 29th, 2015

The Villa Road crew (including Verde’s Matt Priest and Lima Eltham) took a trip to Malaga, Spain to log clips for this edit. You guys are all following Villa Road on Facebook and Instagram, right?

Tony On The Dan’s Catalog Cover

BLOGGED ON:Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

Verde's Tony Neyer
Congrats to Verde’s Tony Neyer for scoring the cover of Dan’s Comp’s Summer 2015 catalog! This is Tony’s third Dan’s Comp cover, shot by Chris Mortensen. Click here to read Tony’s TOC interview over on Dans360.com.

Learn How-To Truck From Biz

BLOGGED ON:Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

Ryan “Biz” Jordan was the first person to do the bunnyhop truck driver, so he’s the perfect candidate to show you what’s up with them. Learn from one of the best in the game courtesy of Ride BMX’s How-Tuesday.