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‘17 Luxe
Big ups to the new Luxe. The icon of the Verde line is raised up
with a taller frame and new aftermarket parts from Verde, DUO, and Cinema.
Choose the spec that suits your own riding style; cassette or freecoaster
‘17 Neyer Pro
The Neyer Pro is back and delivers the same ride, details,
and steez as Tony’s custom build. Saturdaze Cruise approved.
Just add pegs to rise-n-grind.
‘17 Vex
Give it up for the 2017 Vex. Taller, stronger, and better spec’d than ever before.
Available in both 20.5-inch TT and XL 21-inch TT sizes.
‘17 Eon
Verde cranked up the looks, spec, and geometry on the 2017 Eon.
This all new bike boasts a taller frame design draped in gloss translucent paint.
Also available in an XL version for taller riders.
‘17 Cadet 18
The 2017 Cadet 18 delivers big fun on smaller wheels.
Sized for riders between 42” and 54” tall (approximate), 18-inch wheels
are paired with right size spec to make learning to ride easier.
‘17 Cadet
Rep Verde on a 2017 Cadet. This unreal entry-level ride delivers unmistakable
looks, unmatched spec, plus optional RHD or LHD drivetrains.
Make the Cadet your ticket into BMX.
‘17 Vectra
The 2017 Vectra takes it down a notch offering smaller riders a chance to roll
on 20-inch wheels. Built around the same parts spec as the Cadet,
the Vectra is built on a custom low profile frame.
‘17 A\V
Tested, tried, and true, the A\V (pronounced “Aay-Vee”)
is a great beginner bike for younger riders getting into BMX.
‘17 J\V
The J\V is an all new 16-inch wheeled model based on our popular A\V.
The J\V looks like a 20-inch Verde and rides like one too.
‘17 J\V 16 ‘17 A\V ‘17 Vectra ‘17 Cadet ‘17 Cadet LHD ‘17 Cadet 18 ‘17 Eon ‘17 Eon XL ‘17 Vex ‘17 Vex XL ‘17 Neyer Pro ‘17 Luxe VX2 ‘17 Luxe FX