Verde Bikes → 2015 Complete Bikes
‘15 Luxe
The limited edition Luxe is absolutely the best bike Verde builds.
For 2015 we’ve loaded it with custom details you can only find on a Luxe.
‘15 Radia
The Radia features a toned down two-tone look for 2015. Matte black with a hit
of custom color, both options are clean, yet standout in a crowd.
‘15 Theory
The new Theory proves what’s possible when you combine bold design
with brand name parts. Three matte two-tone color schemes for 2015.
‘15 Vex XL
A longer 21” top tube makes room for taller intermediate level riders.
‘15 Vex
The new 2015 Vex is clean, classic, and unmistakably Verde.
Interesting colors, subtle graphics, and smart no-nonsense design.
‘15 Eon
Taller bars and fatter tires join fully sealed front and rear wheels
for 2015 to create the best spec’d Eon we’ve ever offered.
‘15 Cadet
The 2015 Cadet packs unmatched looks, spec, and
quality into an entry-level package. Looks that kill.
‘15 A\V
The 2015 A\V is the young riders golden ticket into BMX.
‘15 Scout ‘15 A\V ‘15 Cadet ‘15 Cadet 18 ‘15 Eon ‘15 Vex ‘15 Vex XL ‘15 Theory ‘15 Radia ‘15 Luxe